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March 06, 2008



Welcome back to posting, Bruce!

I remember seeing Buddy around town for years. A legend.

...Bob in 700


It gets that way for me, too. At first, blogging was like a whole new social thing, and it was almost intoxicating to virtual travel and meet people. Then it got to be a kind of obligation, and I really felt the need to try and be entertaining, informative, and all that crap. Now I just blog when I feel like it, don't when I don't, and try not to feel bad about not having the time to read all the good blogs I enjoy. (There are just too yours! :) Although I'm not really into jazz, I like music a lot, especially the blues artists. Chicago has a nice blues festival in Grant Park every year, your blog reminds me I need to get out and enjoy that again.

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Some excellent photographs here. Thanks for the inspiration

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Buddy knows how to rock it ! He's so good at what he does...Love it !


Buddy Catlett is one of the best...


Man Buddy can surely kill those strings. Great artist.

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