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February 13, 2007



Seattle is pretty lame at lots of stuff (public transportation decisions, for example) but we do a good job with mysterious outside art objects. Glad we're good at something.


I just about died of cuteness when I saw those special little guys yesterday. I wish I could feed them little art-food or something!


Love the eaglets. Love your take on them. Thanks to the artist(s) who created them.


Is the slog using your pic, belltown?


Hi jseattle - yes. I just saw a big Slog run in my log, thanks to "link police", and left an inquiring comment for Angela. I don't understand what excuses Sloggers from due diligence. Maybe she'll explain.

Rachel Chalmers

Let's call one of them Stephen, Jr.

Geoff Holtby

Call the bomb squad! Why hasn't anyone called the bomb squad! This could be TERRARISM! Won't someone think of the children?

The County Clerk

This story continues to resonate with me, for some reason.

It is wonderful-ness in action. Generally, I don't like people. But this kind of thing gives me hope.


The Rabbit

Laughing out loud b/f coffee is always good! Thanks for reporting this impt. news ... perhaps this is another form of hidden talent?

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Joe the Dog Lover

I don't get art like that.


Where is Calder's Eagle and what are its dimensions? I'm doing a project on it.

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This story continues to resonate with me, for some reaso

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Wow, its wonderful in action. This kind of thing gives me hope.

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I don't get art like that.

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I'm surprised you got permission to use so much of that interview here.


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