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December 07, 2006


The County Clerk

What a magnificent post. I could not agree more that we must take care of our "wings." Birds are beuatiful, and a great joy in my life. But birds are also important.

Thank you Bruce for, once again, making us look at the birds with whom we (are supposed to) share the planet. I'm no unrealistic treehugger. I recognize that we need to harvest resources... or at least that we WILL HARVEST them. But damn it, we need to do it responsibly and with a care for the species around us.

It makes me terrifically sad to be reminded that in recent experience someone can recall tens of thousands of these birds, where there are only hundreds now. It is a DISGRACE for which we will have to answer in this life (and, I believe, beyond).

And look at 'em... they are F#&!&ING beautiful.

How can we make "caring for the world around us" a cultural priority with value attached? In other words, how can we migrat to a point of view where decisions are made based upon things like: is buying this thing good for our water and our birds?

I am in the process RIGHT NOW of trying to convert the business of which I am a part to a more environmentally kind operation... and I'm looking for ways to make the required investments make business sense (and not just moral sense). I'm finding some. But everything will get easier when we, as consumers, begin to value things of real beauty, like Grebes, over things of transitory worth, like MOST of the products and services we buy.

PLEASE keep posting things like this.


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