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December 21, 2006



Wonderful post. Terrific images.

The County Clerk


Fantastic. Everything has a story and a reason. And language helps us understand both. I did not know of Luke. And honestly, I know little of clouds - except those which help me sail. But you've done two things here:

First, you've given me a context that I find meaningful. A launching pad.

Second, you've given me an isight into the language of clouds, which is an insight into the "idea" of clouds.

This is a spectacular post. Well done.

You'll never look out of your windows the same way again. And neither will I.

Thank you.


Very nice, Bruce.
Seattle and my many friends there have been much in mind of late, for the weather and other reasons. Ohio has had a great December from a weather point of view, and I'd trade it all for a soggy day on Western Avenue.
All the best

The County Clerk

I ,love this post

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