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November 27, 2006


The County Clerk

Nice connections. Very entertaining. I had no idea!

anna maria

Oh my goodness! I was at a Jimi Hendrix concert at the Waikiki Shell in 1969 or perhaps in mid 1970, unfortunately though I fell asleep on the grass - too much of a little pill that was popular in Hawaii at the time.
Love him.

Judy Green

I was at the first concert and the third concert.
The first concert was great and then Jimi said something about it wasn't happening so come back and we will do it again. He did go play at the Hawaii State fair after the gig. I had friends that had a band from the North shore, he played with them that night. Jimi gave one of the guys a guitar.
Yes It was truly a magical night for the third concert. at the Waikaki Shell, a great outdoor venue. Yes the Moon was full that night, but you left out that the Moon was rising over Diamond head going into a total eclipse while Jimi played. This concert was no accident, he planned it :) After the concert everyone went to Tantalus to see the conpletion of the eclipse. I will never forget that night. Jimi gave us a gift. Texas

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