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August 16, 2006



Great image--strong first impact, then more. Reminds me of a wine with a long, lingering finish.

The County Clerk

How does one gauge the progress of the construction of a sculpture park? One would have to assume that the installation of the sculptural pieces themselves is a harbinger of completion. If I am honest after looking back (and thinking back) through years of Bent commentary regarding this park (your park), I must remark that what should be the beginning of the story - the opening of the park - feels to me like merely dénouement. I do not live in or near Seattle. And while only a fool could fail to recognize the benefit of the completed project, the climax of this story seems to be happening now: installing the pieces. And then what? Everything slows down. Dénouement.

And this makes me think of you with more than a little sadness as the story you've so ably covered and cared for draws to a close.

Therefore I hereby move (motion 1) that we begin raising funds immediately for the founding of the SAM "Olympic Sculptural Archives." Yes, it will need to be a building and yes that will need to be built but it should be more: photos and essays about the park from inception to well after construction. Beginning with a fascinating photo history of construction, this will be a place to collect stories of people's interaction in the garden/park. In other words, it will be a learning library: the story continues.

Do I have second for this motion?
Further, I move (motion 2) that the "Olympic Sculptural Archive" (OSA) be initially headed by the artistic directors of the Belltown Bent. The idea is to make this place accessible to me and people like me - people who DON'T LIVE IN SEATTLE: an online/virtual archive. Do I have a second?

Imagine: a curated public park, curated by a fellow citizen.

Finally, I'll begin the process by sending a check someplace. Maybe to SAM. Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll annotate the "For the Belltown Bent Archive" and see what happens.

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