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Never imagined I'd live in the city - never dreamed I'd live in a condo. Gratified to be a photographer and digital artist.



Belltown Bent: images and commentary on the view, literally and figuratively, from the (ficticious) Bent world headquarters, in Seattle's Belltown. It always starts with an image. Sometimes, it should end there.

other's eyes: a serial exploration of the flickr stream, as seen by other photographers, and compiled by me.

Images used in the other's eyes header were taken by the following photographers, and used in accordance with their respective Creative Commons copyrights:

EmotionBloggster | bitmapr | eggman | gretchl2000 | tuergeist | Alex Clark | Tire Kicker | FlickrJunkie

All images included in other's eyes © their respective photographers, and as indicated on their respective flickr entries.


Photography. Wine. Water. Music. Fish. Blue. Malisa and Adrienne. Oban and Mowgli. Friends. Visual and performance arts. Locking and walking. Seeing two National Parks from my living room.

The democratization of publishing.

All photos ©Bruce C Moore unless otherwise indicated.