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April 22, 2006


Chubby Bald Man

Man oh man... the images of the Lavender farm... the countryside... the wine... does this Ron Bunnell character need some kind of chubby bald, divorced, live-in farm labor? Does he have a tractor? I'm seeking a part time position outside of cellular range with lodging included (close to the cellar). Also, there should be a place to park a 30' to 35' sailboat while I redo the teak. Will work for the low six fugures OR payment in wine, bread and cheese (whichever is cheaper - probably the cash is a better deal). Seeking an oppurtunity where hangovers aren't cast in a pejorative light and shaving is optional. Can "The Bent" put in a good word for a chubby bald guy?

I may have to order something.

Chubby Bald Man


Chubby Bald Man

I'm serious.

Chubby Bald Man

No really, I'm serious.

Chubby Bald Man

Did I mention that I was available and looking for a specific position for which I could your refrence?

Chubby Bald Man

I haven't heard anything back. I'm available to start immediately.

Michael D

Ron and Susan,
I had a great time yesterday in Spokane sampling your wonderful wines, especially your Gewurz. I can't wait to have them again. I look forward to seeing you at your farm.


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